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   Welcome to the Green Country Gadabouts' web site. The Green Country Gadabouts, a Christian band from Tulsa, OK (hence Green Country), plays a varity of music mostly ska, a bit of punk, and alternative rock, the mixture of guitar and bass with an excellent brass section, produces a sound that's great to people of all ages. For about six months, this group has been all around Eastern Oklahoma telling all about Jesus Christ and his love. The spectacular talents of every member, make this band, The Gadabouts, a great influence on whoever listens to them.


July 18, 2002

   Update: July 18th
   Reason: Dust off cobwebs
   Excuse: Procrastination, laziness, not caring, a monkey riot,    triple bypass surgery, armageddon.
   Real Excuse: Drummer auditions, summer activities.
   Messages: Expect a new format for the website. Check back    often.

May 15, 2002

   Well... If I didn't know better, I'd say the GC Gadabouts were lost somewhere on Mars because we haven't been seen for months. But, the truth is, we are just takeing a break (meaning were trying to find a new drummer!) If anyone knows anyone, ANYONE who can play drums, even if they can't speak english, or they're a trained chimp, we're desprate! No, not really, please don't send us any primates. Well, If anything happens to us, you guys will be the first to know (if there's even anyone out there!) Please stay tuned...

March 30, 2002

   Howdy everyone, we hope everyone had a fun (and safe) Spring Break. We also want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Don't forget what it's all about. There are some new upgrades to the site. New pics! On the pics page, and, if you check out each member's bio, there are some pics of them too. We haven't been doing much lately, because, well, we dont have a drummer. So, keep checking back here for Shows updates and other stuff too. Thanks for holding tight.

March 1, 2002
   Hey, kiddos, sorry it's been awhile since an update. Well, we've been doing shows here and there, no really big ones. We're still trying to get a mailing list going. And that's abut it. Hope to add some big stuff to the site in awhile. By the way, Rob is no longer with us (he didnt die, he just left).

February 1, 2002
   Hey everyone, good news. We got a domain name (some of you already know) So, you can type in and it'll take you here!

January 26, 2002
   Last night, we played a show in Bartlesville, in the Where-House. It's part of a series of nightly contests with 25 bands in total, 5 each night. Other bands there were from all over Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. They were Paragon, Jacob's Generation, and 7000Years. The two bands that proceeded to the finals are Jacob's Generation and 7000Years. They played a tough game and the judges were strict, but they won fair and square. Good Job guys, good luck in the future.

January 18, 2002
   Another shows update, check the Shows page HERE.

January 16, 2002
   Hey guys, not much new, were tryin to get everything important running, so at least it'll be like the old site. You are allowed to still visit the old site, if you want to, but no more updates are going to be made to it. Pics and other stuff will be on hold until there's a show, in which we can get pictures and info. So, hang tight until everything is complete and when that comes, it'll be a rockin' time.

January 1, 2002
   Happy New Year! Everybody, may the following 365 days be filled with His Mercy and Love.

December 29, 2001
   The Gadabouts participated in the Battle of the Bands in Verdigris. Other bands that played included GodsGeeks, Radio Hack, Pennydreadfuls, and At All Costs. Judges decided on who was the best at originality, crowd participation, music talent, and more. Congratulations to GodsGeeks for winning.

Demo CD's are still on sale, click HERE for info.